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Chesterfield Sofa- History of Elegance



Chesterfield sofas share a complex history, alongside the elite, the privileged if not aristocrats. History reveals that these types of couches are once and are still used in the confines of old institutions, government buildings and luxurious homes. The name Chesterfield is by all means a complex term, coined by equally complex roots. The name itself is supported by time, in line with history as well as social issues and tradition.

A room, in the 1900s, would not be complete, unless the master owns a Chesterfield sofa. Gentlemen, wearing hats and bowlers, seek momentary refuge in their respective morning rooms, laying their backs onto these comfortable Chesterfields. On the other hand, women, donning their formal dresses, are all glammed up, busying themselves with a cup of tea and biscuits, while enjoying their time in these leather seats. Comfort and sophistication define a leather armchair and Chesterfield sofas represent it all.

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Here are several theories supporting the history of Leather Chesterfields and how come it has been the sofa of both elegance and tradition:

History suggests that it was originally commissioned by the Fourth Earl of Chesterfield namely Philip Dormer Stanhope.

Born on September 22, 1694, Philip Dormer Stanhope is a renowned diplomat, statesman and writer. His works and affinity for the classy and tasteful, is perceived to be the main reason why the famous leather armchair and Chesterfield sofa are given its proper name and distinction.

Chesterfield sofas are all about the design and structure. The sofas quilted, buttoned upholstery and main use of premier leather makes the sofa a remarkable choice for the elite and well-to-do. The low-seat base and the couchs rounded arms spell comfort, but at the same time, not forgetting the tradition, when it was firstly used.

A Chesterfield is about buttons, leather and quilting. It is the furniture previously reserved for the upscale market. It is a mark of class and stature back in the old days. A chesterfield can be referred to as the Mother of all Sofas because of its elegance and price range.

Both facts and myths are involved in tracing the Chesterfield sofas roots. Others claim that the constant use of the term, back in the 19th century, was started by the Americans and Canadians, who seem to use the word Chesterfield to refer to almost any settee, couch or armchair.

History and tradition defines a Chesterfield sofa and today, the elegance brought by these leather Chesterfields cannot be underestimated. Modern designers use Chesterfield sofas as inspiration while designing interiors for todays homes and buildings. The sofas tufted back and all-leather base are still serving its purpose of comfort and style, alongside other modern trends.

Nowadays, one can enjoy

leather Chesterfields

without having the need to spend huge money. Customization of these leather armchair and sofas are very much possible, given the numerous sellers and manufacturers. Leather choices, colors and designs are more varied and up-to-date. Truly,

Chesterfield sofas

have come a long way. Chesterfield sofas are no longer the couch for the elite but the furniture of people with great taste.

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Swivel Bar Stools Move to the Kitchen


Art Allen

The time was when you could only find swivel bar stools

in the local pub or a corner watering hole. As the


became more important in the modern home, more dining and gathering was done in or near the kitchen. While the formal dining room is still an important part of most homes, the kitchen is being used more and more as a

casual dining

area and gathering place for family and guests. Conventional dining


and seating are great for the formal dining room. However, it is just not appropriate for the more casual needs of today’s 36″, 42″ and even 48″ tall counters and extra tall bars.

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Bar stools are available in several heights today to accommodate any height bar and counter

top. They are now available in a variety of materials and in many different finishes.

Wrought iron





stools are available for the kitchen, bar or


gaming areas. Many local dealers will now have a selection of these once hard to find items. You can even purchase casual swivel seating at the local home improvement store as well the vast number of online resources available through the internet. Shipping can be a factor when ordering online. However, with today’s multiple shipping options available with small parcel carriers, the cost of shipping is more than offset by substantial savings of buying your stools online.

Bar stool heights vary depending on the height of the table, bar or counter top where they will be used. A good estimating method of determining what height seat you need on your bar stools is as follows. Generally speaking, the seat height should be from 11-12 less than the table or bar surface height. For example: A 42 inch tall bar needs stools that are about 30 inches to the top of the seat. Counter tops are 36 inches tall generally and require a stool that is 24 inches in seat height. This is generally referred to as a counter stool.” Dining tables are 30″ inches tall and standard chairs are generally 18 inches in seat height.

Many homes today are being built with very tall bars and counters at a height of approximately 48 inches. While these were rare in the past, they are becoming more common place. This is a good standing height for a bar and the seating required here must be extra tall

at a seat height of 34 – 36 inches. These extra tall bar stools are not normally sold through all outlets so you may have to search to find what you are looking for. Again the online retailers are a huge resource here and you can normally find these speciality items with a little searching.

Bar stools come with a swivel

are a very handy feature and really make for very comfortable and functional casual seating. The swivel makes it very easy to get in and out of the stool while at a bar or counter without even moving the stool. The ultimate feature on a swivel stool is one that has a

memory return

swivel. This mechanism allows the user to swivel freely entering or exiting but a special spring loaded mechanism returns” the bar stool to the center position which really create a very neat look on stools that have backs. This ensures that all of the stools are facing in the same direction.

Fabrics and finish choices on bar stools vary dramatically from no option to many options. Just take your time and try to fit the look of the bar stool to match the decor of the room. When in doubt, black is a good choice with wrought iron and natural is a good choice for wood. Try not to get too busy with fabric choices unless you have a specific theme you are working with in the room like billiards or fruit etc. Also, since bar stools are generally used in areas where drinks are served you may want to consider a waterproof fabric for the seat. Some of the modern vinyl fabrics from the mills are so close to leather that the only danger to cows is in the local steakhouse.

No matter what style you choose, the right bar stools can fill a casual seating niche that no other seating product can. Get creative if you like and make a real statement or go for a basic and subdued look. Any way you choose to go, bar stools are no longer for just the local pub and solve the problem of Standing Room Only” in the Kitchen.Kitchen Bar Stools


Swivel Bar Stools

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